How to paint Shabby Chic?

Look at the photo below of a pine shelf unit I am going to ‘shabbify’.

Shabby Chic Furniture

I’m going to use a light under coat and dark top coat – grey – and then rub through to the undercoat to reveal a perfect Shabby Chic furniture item! I’ll take photos as I go along to show you how it’ll turn out!

The first paint applied is a matt/flat cream emulsion.  I applied two coats, quite thinly.
How to paint Shabby Chic

I then rubbed an old candle over the shelf, in areas I felt would naturally show wear.  Over the top of this I applied a darker matt emulsion.  I used Dulux Potter’s Wheel, which is grey.  

shabby Chic Painted

I let this dry and using fine sandpaper, rubbed off the top layer, roughly where I had rubbed the wax.  I love the effect and it’s so easy to do.  I was going to sell this but I like it too much.  Maybe I’ll sell the next one!

Shabby Chic

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